Core Values:

Ethical Practice: We honor the beliefs, morals and values of the academic profession and help others to do the same.

Personalized Attention: We seek to provide an environment where students and other stakeholders can receive individual and customized service and support.

Competence Based Educational and Training: We develop programs and adapt teaching methods that equip learners with knowledge and skills, and tools for innovation and adaptability, and contribute to a person’s development of mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation, hands- on skills, entrepreneurial ability and spirituality throughout their lives.

Service to Society: We serve society through research, education and institutional citizenship. Through research, we advance knowledge that is the foundation of improvements in human well-being. By educating students, we strengthen society’s capacity to grow and innovate. Through institutional citizenship, we develop programs that make a direct contribution to the betterment of society and inspire our students to do the same.


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